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‘Iltija’, the play is a story which is not just about love and marriage but the test which comes after the birth of a disabled child.

This drama tells the story of a parent raising a child with a very common disability knows as down syndrome.

Hina is the main lead of this story. She loved Sameer and married him; not knowing what was coming her way.Sameer, the sole bread winner of his house, proves himself a loyal husband but fails in becoming a responsible father.

Eventually, Hina had to leave Sameer’s house and live with her mother.

Hina raises her daughter Khushi and fights for her at a time when nobody supports her decision. Enter Hadi, Khushi’s teacher who supported her like a father when even her own father disowned her.

The story is not just about the trio. There is Adeela, Sameer’s elder sister who will support Hina won’t be able to express it openly. Then there is Saqib, Adeela’s husband and an evil character in the story.

Parents of disabled children need a lot of courage to raise them and the challenges for them are never-ending. ‘Iltija’ is an effort to highlight the problems such parents face.

Writer: Saji Gul

Director: Mazhar Moin


Affan Waheed as Sameer
Tooba Siddiqui as Hina
Rubina Ashraf
Laila Wasti as Adeela
Imran Ashraf as Hadi
Omi Butt
Semi Pasha as Hina Mothers’s
Hira Tareen

Watch ‘Iltija’ every Saturday at 8:00 pm