Radio XL Hindi

Radio XL is the first 24 hour Asian Radio Station to broadcast in the main West Midlands conurbation.Radio XL is an energetic radio station and is your access to the young, free-spending Asian teenager, the upwardly mobile, young Asian couples with young families, the well established Asian business community, and the hard working Asians, factories and businesses throughout the region. Whether at home or play Radio XL provides the programmes they want to listen to.
Radio XL is a radio station that broadcasts the best Asian music. It is on air 24 hours a day and serves the listeners from the Asian
community in the West Middlands area.
Radio XL is the first 24-hour Asian radio station to broadcast to the whole of the West Midlands from Birmingham. With its wide reach Radio XL is available to a potential Asian audience in excess of 250,000 people from the 15+ age group.
The studios are at KMS House on Bradford Street near Birmingham City Centre, from where Radio XL broadcasts live 24/7.
Radio XL is aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at the Asian community. Programmes are designed to reach all sections of the community by using Hindi and English languages. Other specialist programmes are broadcast in Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali and others.
Radio XL is famously known for broadcasting, but also for charity events and advertising and participation in melas regarding Asian communities.
Famous presenters, include: Shabana, Billy Babu, Steven, Poli, Gee,Hardev,Navi,Rabab and the late: PeterG, ZAK MUGHAL and Arun sharma.

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